Cuba - Team A - Surgical Teaching Team

Oct 30 2025 - Nov 9 2025
Our next trip for those with surgical interests will be October 30 - November 9, 2025.  Non-ENT members are definitely still needed and all are welcome. The ability to do surgery varies widely within each specialty depending upon local Cuban expertise/interest and also equipment which varies widely. 

Non-medical family members are also welcome and typically serve by visiting patients in the wards and handing out small gifts that we bring with  us. 

20 spots left

471 days left


Misty Carter
(423) 844-1049


Cuba Professonal Visa Form

All first time participants must complete this form and submit in order to participate on the trip.


Click for shirt sizing charts and picture of shirts.

It has been requested by our in-country hosts that we wear team shirts. This is a symbol of being unified in purpose: evangelism through medicine in Cuba through excellence in teaching and mentoring. Please plan to wear your shirts during your presentations. MEI is ready to receive your polo shirt order. The cost is $20 per shirt. The brilliant blue color has been chosen for our MEI teams. They are dry fit and should dry quickly if you want to order one and wash it out as needed. Some only order one while others may order multiple ones.


CMDA/MEI Waiver Required

Please download, complete, and return the CMDA/MEI waiver to [email protected] ASAP. This waiver is required.




  1. Special Visa data form is required. You can find it and download it under the FORMS tab.


  1. Must be able to walk at least 1 mile unassisted.


  1. Discuss with team leader your topics for lecture preparation.
  2. Immunizations -


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