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Republic of Northern Macedonia - Session 5

May 10-23, 2021
Skopje, MK
10 spots left

Nigeria, September 4-11, 2021

Sep 4-11, 2021
10 spots left

Cuba - Team A - Peds & Autism Team

Oct 28 - Nov 7, 2021
20 spots left

About Us

Medical Education International is a short-term missions program that provides academic teaching and clinical training while spreading the gospel to doctors and students in hard to reach countries.

During the last academic year, MEI teams taught in Central Asia, Ecuador, Egypt, Jamaica, Kenya, Kosovo, Mongolia, and Sudan. Our teams consist of two to 10 fully-trained healthcare professionals, although some teams may accept residents. Teams teach subjects requested by their hosts. This may include medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical ethics and faculty development.

MEI’s primary goals are spiritual—the spiritual development of team members, encouraging local believers and missionaries, and sharing Christ’s love and the Good News with international colleagues. Teams also hope to improve healthcare by improving the knowledge and skills of local professionals, especially faculty. Participants donate their time and self-fund their trips.

Beginning in July of 2021 all team members applying to our teams will be required to complete the Covid vaccination before being allowed to participate on our missions.


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Past Opportunities

Republic of Northern Macedonia - Session 4

Apr 26 - May 9, 2021
Skopje, MK
9 spots left

Republic of Northern Macedonia - Session 3

Apr 12-25, 2021
Skopje, MK
10 spots left

Republic of Northern Macedonia - Session 2

Mar 29 - Apr 11, 2021
Skopje, MK
8 spots left

Republic of Northern Macedonia - Session 1

Mar 6 - May 30, 2021
Skopje, MK
7 spots left