When God Opens the Door I Need to Walk In.

"Dr. Hoffman, do you go on mission trips?" This was the question that began this ministry for MEI. The question came from Mary Joy one of the diabetes educator at Nationwide Children's Hospital where I work. She is a native of Okija, Nigeria and had just discovered a new women's and children's hospital in her home town that she wanted to help. When I said "Yes." She said "Do you want to go to Nigeria? " I said "tell me more" and away we went. My investigation led me to the conclusion that this would be an excellent opportunity for MEI and in September of this year (2019) I went to check it out.
The hospital is a non-profit hospital built by a local Christian businessman to help his community. The hospital is small but its goal is to give first class care to the women and children of Eastern Nigeria and to teach the local physicians and community how to improve the care they give. While there I met committed physicians who are dedicated to taking care of the patients and struggle with how to deal with the limited resources to pay for care. I also gave a talk to a approximately a 100 6th-12th graders about diabetes and how it happens and how to help class mates with the disease. They were attentive and several who were interested in medical careers came for a tour of the hospital, as shown in the picture.
Nigeria was not on my radar as a place to go but when God opens the door I need to walk in. This is a great opportunity for pediatricians and obstetricians to share the medical knowledge God has given us.